Monday, April 17, 2017

Spanish Andy Rides Again

Maybe? A couple of my friends came over for a cheese plate party yesterday (whatever, they were coming over so I made a badass cheese plate and we drank wine with it). They were mainly there because they felt I needed support since I just broke up with the bat and I really appreciated it. Last week, I'd texted both my friend A (I don't know if I've given her a nickname yet so she's A for now) and King Kong asking if, a month from now, I could reach out to Spanish Andy. He's this really great guy that I dated briefly before taking the bat back this last time. They both agreed I could and I planned on just texting him to apologize for not giving him a chance and hoping he was well.

Remember how I said there was wine? A can't drink due to medication so our friend Pants and I drank two bottles by ourselves. Yeah, we did that. Some how the topic of Spanish Andy came up and A was all "a month?! I thought you were going to reach out to him sooner than that!" That's when I unlocked my phone and handed it to her. My phone totally needs a breathalyzer. For real. Because A sent Spanish Andy a text saying "this is Cat. First, I wanted to apologize for ending things so abruptly. Unfortunately I just had a lot going on at that time. I would love to buy you a drink and catch up soon."

And homie got back to me like 12 minutes later. So we have plans to meet up at a bar tomorrow night, a place we went to back when we were dating. A and Pants took me to my closet so they could help me pick out a date outfit and so that's settled. Then A had to split and so it was just me and Pants, who decided I should call him. And I did. We talked for about 30 minutes and he was extremely nice (and he has a great voice, something I had forgotten about) and it was just fun (although I also wanted to throw up from nerves the entire time) and I think I said stuff about "if you'd still like to get to know me".

I have no idea if he is seeing anyone. I have no idea if he thinks tomorrow is a date or if it is just catching up over a drink. But why would a guy agree to go have a drink with a girl if he isn't interested? I mean, we went out on four dates something like seven months ago and it isn't like we knew each other at all before we met on a dating site. So this is totally a date right? Everyone is in agreement that it is but one of my friends thinks I should have asked if he was seeing anyone.

So now I get to feel incredibly antsy and anxious until tomorrow when I will totally want to bail but I cannot do that to this guy. Ugh. Dating (if this is dating) is the fucking worst. 

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