Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fox and Hound

So my date with Spanish Andy (SA) was last night and it went really well. We both arrived early and ended up talking for about three hours. I learned more about him as I prompted him a couple of times (he is great on the phone and on text message but extremely quiet in person if you can't engage him on a topic that interests him). I learned more about his work, which I knew nothing about, and we did hit on the unfun topics of what happened before and why I broke off with him and why I was ready now. In the end we both agreed we are looking forward to seeing where this goes but he is, obviously, a bit gun-shy because of what happened before. I'd have less respect for him if he wasn't a bit wary to be honest.

It's funny because I had a really great time and smiled the entire way home but I don't really know what to say about it now. I guess just that I'm hoping this goes somewhere and that we want the same things and we can progress a bit. It's nice that it wasn't a first date so it wasn't as nerve racking as it might have been but I definitely was still nervous. Fortunately, I was also exhausted because I barely slept the night before so I didn't have energy to be as nervous as I might have. Right now the ball is in his court (I am not saying that phrase again for a very long time because I've used it like five times since last night) with regards to the next day so fingers crossed. 

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