Sunday, January 31, 2016

It Rubs the Coconut into the Skin ....

I have decided to take a break from soaps and face-washes and exclusively cleanse my face with coconut oil. Why? Because I'm a 35 year old woman with an internet connection, a good data plan, and far too much time on her hands. I've read about how people use this shit on their faces exclusively and the great results they get and I finally managed to find a jar of it so I started yesterday. By "finally" I mean that I went to Sprouts and found it in an aisle because I refuse to fucking ask some store employee in any store whatsoever whether or not they carry this shit. That is the same reason I have yet to try jojoba oil, even though I'm told it is awesome. I was going to get the raw apple cider vinegar for an astringent but that shit was hella expensive and I don't get paid till Friday so I'll just keep using witch hazel like a fucking peasant.

I legit have aspirations to be the sort of person who keeps all of her beauty products (lol, beauty products like I use any) in fancy glass jars and shit. I should create a fancy, pretty label and tape that shit over the jar of "Sprouts Farmer's Market organic refined Coconut Oil" jar.

I had to fucking google "washing your face with coconut oil" when I got this shit home because dafuq? Oil is a liquid and this shit is solid. I didn't want to get the bottle that specifically said something about being cooking oil so I bought this fucking thing. I tipped it and some oil came out but it was only this afternoon that my dumb ass poked a finger in and found that I should probably be smearing this lard-like shit on my face before I rest a hot towel on it for 30 seconds and then using the same washcloth to clean that shit off. The more you know, amirite?

So yeah, I'm doing that and I'm also only showering every other day (unless I need it) because I recently read that bitches be showering too much and we don't need to be. Shower every so often and just wash off your pits and bits on the days in between.

I know what you are thinking so, if it is any consolation, please note that my breakfast consisted of chili cheese Fritos and my lunch was Cheetos, both items purchased from a gas station during a beer run last night. I'm still awful, don't worry. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Guinea Pigs and Podcasts

Meet Bessie and Ella. I can't be sure, but I think Bessie is on the left. They are named after the jazz legends and I hope Bessie is always bigger than Ella so I can tell them apart easily. They are super cute and small right now, which means they are scaredy cat assholes who just want to hide and shit. That is a picture of them not eating the delicious bell pepper in my bathroom. I figured, since they are small and I have a cat, it would be easiest to do floor time in the bathroom at first. Little assholes hid behind the toilet for the most part so I lasted all of fifteen minutes. I did hold them and pet them a bit in order to get them a bit used to me and I will continue this regime until they act right or I feed them to Bubbles.

I'm kidding. Bubbles would probably just murder them and go throw up somewhere.

Ella nibbled at the pepper but they don't seem to like it much though I think they dig on the parsley I give them and bitches love hay so there's that. I got them for Bubbles, to be honest. She has gotten needier and needier and it is creeping me out and causing my anxiety so I was talking to someone about it and she was suggesting the whole rehoming thing and I was on board until I thought about what I'd tell whomever took her and started bawling when talking (out loud) about how Bubbles is a sweetheart and she can only have Fancy Feast Shrimp and Fish, etc. You know, cause I've talked about it before. So, in order to save myself the pain of losing my cat whilst simultaneously setting myself up for even more heartbreak, I impulsively went to Pet Smart and bought these beauties. I got two this time because I was assured they were both girls (I really should check) and I know that they are social creature. Plus, they were all cuddled up together at the store and the white one was boring looking (though I felt bad about not buying her as well).

So far, from what I can tell, they enjoy hiding in their pigloo the minute they see or hear me, drinking water, eating, and squeaking randomly. Sometimes I hear them run around their cage so hopefully they are happy. I think I may have starved them the first two days because I bought a rabbit cage and forgot that maybe they couldn't reach to eat in the bowl that came with it. I got something more to teir size and they've been eating so at least they like their food. And I do think it is helping Bubbles because while she still likes to lay her fat ass on me and have me pet her, she leaves after a bit and will leave my ass alone. We shall see how this works out.

Oh, and it would be great if assholes who have known me for more than a year quit asking about having rodents and a cat because I had Johan before I even got Vladimir Putin over here so I know what I'm doing and don't throw them all into a closet to see what happens.

Why The Hell Am I Listening to This Shit? 
So apparently podcasts have been a thing for years even if I just found them with Serial when there were like two episodes left. I've since started listening to various once and subscribed to a bunch of them yesterday. One of them is Sword and Scale and I listened to that shit at work today because I had a lot of repetitive tasks to do and a lot of laps to walk around the atrium. This shit is insane and it's going to give me nightmares.

The first one is about Bruce Blackman, this schizophrenic Canadian who murdered almost his entire family in 1983. It's a sad story and kind of gross and the deaths were awful but even the people talking had moments where they sounded like they wanted to say "his family was a bunch of dumbasses who had total tunnel vision and pretty much walked up to a scary clown with a chainsaw to ask if he'd be interested in selling Amway." No joke, the dad was told to take his son to the hospital and he'd (the doctor advising) would call ahead to make sure his arrival would be prepared for but the hospital was five miles away and it was late so dad was all, naw, I got this. And then, after killing his dad, Bruce calls up his sister to ask her to come over because something bad was going to happen and he had a knife. And his sister called someone and they told her to call the police but she was all naw, it's cool, and just went over there. The only people who escaped being murdered was dude's twin who was in the military and one of his three sisters who was in a hospital giving birth.

Seriously, it's all god awful, although there is some interesting stuff. He was determined to be not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect but he didn't spend a ton of time in an institution and has been out for years, moving around and changing is name. Dude shot his brother in law and then bludgeoned him over and over with a hammer. Now he's that weird guy who lives in the house all the neighborhood kids dare each other to run up to and shit.

If there is any bright silver lining to this story it is that it did NOT happen in the US but up in our super friendly neighbor to the north. It is really interesting and I do recommend it but you need a strong stomach for these stories. Radiolab and Criminal and Snap Judgement are much easier to take.

Sweet dreams, sleep tight, don't let the crazy guy who masturbates constantly and eats his own seaman bite!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Easy Things I Make Difficult

I had two of these in my head as I was driving home but I already forgot one. Remember how I said I needed to write shit down so I could maybe make this blog a bit interesting? Yeah, didn't even do talk to text on my way home so I forget the other one. Damn it.

Oil Changes
This is one of the dumbest things about me. I can change my own fucking oil but, because the Bat's cousin moved back to California, we no longer have anyone with a shop where I can go and do it. So I have to act all common and shit and take my car to a mechanic to have it done. This isn't a huge deal to be honest. The place I go is within walking distance of the Bat Cave so I can drop my car off and then walk to the cave and watch television or nap or whatever and wait for the text that tells me to come get my shit. But, like most people, I work all the damn time and the place's hours are not convenient for me to have the deed done after I get home. No big deal because they are open on Saturdays, right? Well, I go to the country every god damn weekend so that doesn't work.

That would be an awesome excuse if it weren't for the simple fact that my mechanic is fucking awesome. I've been able to drop off my car on Friday afternoon, give the homies my key, and they just call me on Saturday when they are done, I pay over the phone, and they lock my shit up so I can pick it up when I get back on Sunday. So, basically, I can drop off my car and my spare key, pay by phone, and pick my shit up when I get home. That is the epitome of convenience and my mechanics are super awesome and make life extremely easy.

And yet I still have times when I'm beyond due for an oil change and have the little orange wrench glowing on my dashboard and a scary negative number fuel life flashing at me all the damn time. What the fuck do I want? Do I need these mother fuckers to come to my place and take care of this shit for me in the middle of the night or something? I can drop my car off and go to the Bat Cave and chill or I can drop my car off and pick it up whenever I fucking feel like it and still I treat it like this huge ordeal. I took fucking PTO today to take care of this because I was tired of seeing -173 oil life flashing at me all the time. I for real took a vacation day for this shit. Who does that when they have a really good and really convenient mechanic? This bitch, that's who.

Getting My Mail
I make two trips to my mailbox every month. Seriously, I don't think I check it more often than that and I have a feeling the mail carrier assumes I travel for business a lot because of this. Now, if I lived in a very rural area and had a PO box, this would make sense because I'd probably be making two trips to town every month. But even though I'm on the border of Garland, I live in Dallas, Texas, a major metropolitan area. What's more, I live in an apartment complex. My mailbox is in my neighborhood. It's one of those metal affairs that is in a mailbox apartment complex all of it's own. But it is far enough away from my actual dwelling that walking ALL THE WAY there is just beyond my lazy ass.

Seriously, it's like .1 mile from my apartment. I used to live in Columbus, Ohio and would walk all the time. I used to run. When I first moved to Texas, I lived in Mesquite and would routinely walk to the grocery store because I could. But now? Apparently getting my mail is an enormous burden akin to walking two buildings over in the snow to do my laundry (which I did in Ohio). I have legit driven home from work, parked my car close to the boxes, gotten my mail, and then driven the rest of the way to my apartment.

Let that sink in for a minute. Get home, swipe my wallet against the gate reader to open the gate, drive a little, park my car and turn it off. Get mail, get back in car, start car, and drive like five yards to a different parking spot. Granted, I, like most people, don't get a lot of 'real' mail but that box fills up pretty quickly because of circulars and shit. Half the time, I get my mail just because I feel like the mail carrier thinks badly of me because s/he has to keep cramming shit in there. I am guilted into getting my damn mail when, in reality, the carrier probably has zero fucks to give about it.

Man, I really wonder what the other one was that I forgot. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What Bipolar II is Like .... Maybe?

I have no clue what being bipolar II is like because I have no fucking idea what it felt like before the onset. I don't blame the stupid disorder for that because I'm notoriously poor at observational skills. Maybe if I'd paid attention I could tell you the difference. But I didn't and  can't. All I can tell you about right now is what happened just a moment ago.

I had my music playing. At first I was listening to my iPod but then remembered I could play it through my radio. Who forgets that? I do because I listen to the radio like an old person like all the fucking time. So I plugged in my iPod and continued singing and cleaning and trying to dance with my cat.

Then I suddenly thought about how wonderful it would be if I just killed myself.

I wasn't unhappy and nothing had happened. In fact, I'd say I was happy enough when this thought crossed into my mind. That's what scared me (for anyone worrying, I'm not going to kill myself. I've got enough hold of my senses that I thought about how people would have to clean up if I shot myself). Here I am, perfectly happy, but thinking about how much better it would be if I just died.

The worst thing is I can't tell anyone in my real life about this. They'd freak out and it would cause problems. And I can't tell a doctor because they would worry and lord knows what the fall out of that would be.

I did do what I'm supposed to. I called my friend Tits, both her home and cell number, but she didn't answer and I was so glad she didn't. How can I talk about this? "I was perfectly happy, I am happy but I thought about killing myself and felt even better." You can't say that shit anyone because they will justifiably freak the fuck out.

So no, I can't tell you what being bipolar II is like compared to not being bipolar II but if this disorder is causing this, I can tell you that it can go kick rocks. Because this shit sucks. But at least I'm still considerate enough to not want anyone to clean up after me I guess.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

An Attempt to Blog

I'm trying to be better about updating this blog but I don't seem to be doing a very good job of it. I think the only reason I'm even bothering is because I began the damn thing and it seems like I shouldn't quit on yet another hobby (see tap, ballet, the daisies, etc from my childhood). Sadly, my life seems unremarkable or else I forget anything interesting by the time I decide to give it a go again. I really should keep notes when something pops into my head.

Tig & The 20's
A year or so ago I found the program 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries', an Australian series that takes place in the 1920's. Yeah, it is the most esoteric thing I've ever watched but it was extremely enjoyable. A week or so ago, my friend Tig messaged me saying that she was binge watching this new program and wouldn't you know it, it was Miss Fisher. We have both become obsessed. I rewatched the first season only to discover that I'd never actually watched the second one so I've been binging and Googling and Tig and I basically want to be Phyrne Fisher. I told Tig that we needed to start wearing gloves and hats immediately and her response was "don't say these things if you don't mean them." Now, I've been wanting to start wearing gloves for ages but never really put much thought or effort into it. So I asked her where we would acquire these items and without missing a beat, she responded "Macy's".

One of these days we will go to Macy's and hats and gloves will be purchased. Then we will go to Half Price Books because I discovered that the series is based on a book series and so yippee! More Phyrne Fisher!

Seriously, you should look this up on Netflix because it is just so, so delightful. I just typed up a description of the program but it was god awful. Suffice it to say Miss Fisher is a fabulously wealthy feminist who does as she pleases regardless of society mores and becomes a 'Lady Detective', solving murder mysteries and disappearances with her devoutly Catholic companion Dot and a handful of other characters (all of whom are very enjoyable). The accents, stage sets, and costumes are brilliant and all I want to do is find a fairy god mother to give me a wardrobe similar to Phyrne's.

My Relationship
I try not to write too much about my relationship with the Bat. I'm not sure why, I just try to relegate those posts to when I feel like I need to work things out in my mind. But things are continuing on and are pleasant enough. We let certain parts slide for a while but I think we are getting those back and reestablishing certain routines, which helps. I feel really comfortable when I'm with him and like it is right and I do hope he feels the same way. It's nice to be in a relationship and feel loved and cared for and not have to worry about anything. I'm hoping we continue to grow together, as a couple, because I think it is important and during our complacent period of late, I was a bit unhappy. You do need to work on relationships, I'm a firm believer in that, and I don't want to neglect ours. I think he is of the same mindset though I don't think he consciously realized that we had been sort of neglecting it. Sometimes I think he senses things but they only come fully to light when I say something that triggers the feelings to bubble to the surface. Or he's just quiet about it, I don't know.

At any rate, things are good with us and I hope they continue to be so.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Bubbles, a Possible Rehoming

When I first moved to Texas in April of 2013, I met a guy who I dated for about four months. He'd been divorced for four years and had three children. When he'd moved out, he bought a cat because his daughter loved them and he wanted her to have one at his place. I believe she was seven at the time and they'd been blowing bubbles and, so, they named the cat Bubbles. During the course of my relationship with this man, is ex-wife informed him that she was moving back east and was going to take two of the kids (the eldest is from a previous relationship). He got a lawyer with hopes of keeping her from doing so and ended up getting primary custody. She split and he moved back into the family home.

Bubbles did not get along with Merlin, the cat his daughter had and possibly had grown up with. I don't know if he was impatient or insensitive or stupid but he decided he had to get rid of Bubbles because his daughter was more attached to Merlin and he obviously could not get rid of him. But ex boyfriend was not going to take his time in finding a new home for Bubbles but was, instead, going to put her on the side of the road. This horrified me and so I acted without thinking.

At this time I'd had my beloved guinea pig, Johan the Destruktor, for about four years. I decided soon after I got him and fell in love with him that I'd never own a pet again because I knew how much it was going to hurt when he died.

But at that moment I did not think and decided that I'd take Bubbles because it wasn't fair to just put her on the side of the road. Thus, I have a cat.

Bubbles, Johan and I got along fine. After about a month, Bubbles was used to me and would come out and be with me. She became very attached and would sit with me as I petted her and all of that. She didn't like living at the Bat's house because of fleas but when she and I finally moved to our own place, she was right as rain.

Then Johan died. I was, as we all know, an utter mess what with the weeping and carrying on. But there was a change in Bubbles as well. I'd sit in my chair at my computer as usual and suddenly she'd come up and paw at me and meow so that I'd pet her. I thought, foolishly, that she felt bad because she knew I missed my piggie. What I only realize now is that SHE missed him. Bubbles has gotten needier and needier since Johan's death and I've been growing more and more anxious about her. I'd considered the loneliness and asked the vet about getting a kitten only to be told that if I were to do so, I should get two kittens so Bubbles could watch them interact and they wouldn't bug her. Well, my apartment is 535 square feet, not enough for two cats let alone three and Bubs doesn't seem to get along with other cats anyway so I nixed that.

But she isn't happy. When I am home, she tries to lay on me in any way possible these days. It's gone from just bugging me to pet her to sitting on me in even the most uncomfortable seeming positions possible just so she is near me. She gets tired of my knitting and will purposely lay on the yarn. She just needs to be all up on me at all times unless I physically move her.

I've realized that she is unhappy and, more than likely, lonely. I could get another guinea pig for company but seeing as I wept for three hours when Johan died, I don't know that I could put myself through that. And I most certainly do not want to put this animal on Prozac. I spoke with someone today who fosters animals in her area and she told me that sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you are really just fostering an animal until they can find their proper family. She told me about her experiences and, in the end, the idea of rehoming Bubbles felt a bit less awful.

I may do it.

I've been thinking about it all evening and I've literally cried like a baby at the idea. I love this cat and I don't want her to think I don't. But she clearly isn't happy here and so I may need to part with her. I hate that idea. I hate it because I love her and feel like such a failure and so guilty for not being able to provide her with what she needs. I feel guilty every time I go to the country. I don't bring her along because she doesn't enjoy it but I feel bad for leaving her behind. I feel guilty when I spend the night at the Bat Cave. But at the same time, I do feel I deserve to be allowed to live my life. I did consider, for about two minutes, getting another guinea pig to keep her company but then I remembered the hell that was losing Johan and remembered that I do not enjoy weeping for hours and being a wreck for days.

So this person is going to give me some resources so that I can look into this idea. I don't know if I have it in me to do it, but I do want Bubbles to be happy and healthy and if that is not something I can do, I have to let her go.

I will keep you informed should this happen. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Tale of Two Evenings

Tuesday Evening
After returning to the office after a very long weekend, I pretty much spent the work day trying to find busy work because I've got nothing on at the moment. But I powered through where I could and actually left the office at lunch in order to grab a few groceries (thus avoiding after work chores) and a sandwich. My friend, Tig, accompanied me so it was more enjoyable than a solitary outing. So an unremarkable morning and afternoon, really.

But the evening was so, so lovely! I watched a couple episodes of Midsomer Murders whilst knitting a scarf (which I actually finished). I took a deliciously hot bath and lit candles and made it very relaxing and all of that. I also read a murder mystery that seemed just perfect for my mood. Afterwards, I turned out the lights and snuggled up on my sofa with a brandy and watched the first half of the final Poirot, The Curtain. I know that doesn't sound all that exciting or noteworthy to pretty much anybody but it was perfect for me and I felt extremely content. I thought about how wonderful my life is - even if my life is not perfect of grand - and almost sent the Bat a message thanking him for being part of it. I didn't, however, as that could have been read as a goodbye text from a suicidal individual. I just waited to tell him the next day.

Wednesday Evening
Yo, I have no idea what was going on with Wednesday. The Bat sent me a message that I read as "I want to come over for dinner and I can also load you up with firewood." That sounded fine to me for our date night, so I just messaged back asking him to pick up some beer. It wasn't until about 5 pm that I looked at my phone and realized that the message was actually "If you want to come for dinner I can load you up with firewood." I politely declined and was a bit miffed because I went to his house almost every single day last week and I honestly don't think it is too much to ask for him to spend one evening at my place. This is a bone of contention between us and I don't know that we'll ever resolve the issue.

But I persevered and decided to make myself some dinner. Do you know those bags of pasta you can get from the freezer section of the grocery store? I bought three of those some time ago and they've just been sitting there. So I took out a margharitta penne one and slapped it into a pan. There was quite a bit of frost on it so I didn't have high hopes, which was good because the meal was pretty terrible and I ended up just eating the noodles. Even clean up was a pain because the cheese appeared to have been made of glue that stuck to the pan and the bowl regardless of the fact that I'd thrown them both in the sink with hot water and soap immediately after using them.

At least my hunger was curbed, I thought. I knew I had to take a shower and wash my hair, which I wasn't looking forward to, so I forced myself to just get it over with. Every now and again, I don't have hot water in the bathroom. Last night was one of those times and I took an absolutely frigid shower. I texted the Bat and told him between my shitty dinner and frozen shower, I appeared to be playing the part of a Dickensian orphan. Only this orphan has Netflix so I settled in to watch more mysteries and continue working on this massive scarf I was trying for Monkey. Guess what? The scarf was a wash because it just did not turn out right. I'm out of yarn at the moment (I can unravel the monster scarf but I'm not a fan of the color) and I am also, sadly, out of firewood because, despite promises made to me for months, I've not have any wood supplied to me.

My evening was so comically awful that I couldn't even be mad or sad about it. I just stood on the outside of it thinking "wow. What French farce is this?"

The Point
There really isn't much a point. I just wanted to show the juxtaposition of my evenings because they were so polar opposite from one another that it makes me giggle. Maybe I'm in for a middle of the road evening tonight?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First Post of The New Year... and It's a Stinker

I just spent a good 20 minutes reading an interview with Paris Hilton. That should tell you how slow a work day this is. And I've been out of the office for dayssss so you'd think I'd have plenty to do now. But nope and le sigh, things are quiet and I don't have anything on my plate at the moment so I've been forced to look for other means of occupation (I asked my boss if she had anything but she's in meetings). Apparently our Paris is much smarter than anyone thinks and she crafted the whole mean girl dumb blond persona when she signed up for the Simple Life. I'll give her credit for her longevity because she is still churning out products and opening stores and being featured in magazines. Girl works every hour of the day apparently. She also loves animals and does a lot of charity work without making sure everyone knows about it (I'm looking at you, Taylor Swift).

That is way too many words to have spent on Paris Hilton. Moving on.

Happy Holidays and New Year and all of that!! Whoo hoo!! 2016. Holla!!  <--- My holidays were far, far more chill than that. Monkey got a bow and I enjoyed it so much that I bought myself one this past week. Shooting it is so much fun but I need a lot of practice if only so that my body doesn't ache tremendously after each session. I've left it at the farm because I don't foresee myself using it any time soon, even if the Bat said he could set some stuff up in his yard. Honestly, I need to stay in at my place this week, give poor Bubbles the attention she seems to want/need.

I did make it up to midnight on NYE, and I am proud of myself for that. I went to bed immediately after. The Bat wasn't feeling well so he spent the evening reading on his sofa, covered in a blanket. This means I got to watch programs I enjoy on the television as I worked on a scarf I'm knitting for his dad. I was enjoying a couple of episodes of Midsomer Murders when I received a notification that I had an email. That email informed me that a new season of Poirot is available and I all but shrieked with glee. I love those movies/shows!!! I've watched them all numerous times (save for this latest season) and I just really, really enjoy them. They drive the Bat crazy, however, which is why I generally watch my programs at home. He got me back by having it be all Game of Thrones all the time come Saturday (I'd bought him the first season as a Christmas gift and he and his parents liked it so much they signed up for HBO streaming so they can watch the other seasons as well).

One of the episodes in this season (which I am assuming is the last, unfortunately) is The Curtain, which is the very last Poirot book and the one that features his death (fun fact: Hercule Poirot was the first [possibly only] ficitional character whose death warranted an actual obituatry in newspapers). I'm really looking forward to it and I thought last night would be the night where I sat, lights off in my living room, a nice glass of brandy and perhaps my cat by my side. But it just didn't feel right so perhaps tonight is the night? The Bat is stopping by to pick up his keys (I took Monkey to the mall yetserday to exchange the shoes I'd gotten her as they were half a size too big and she left the keys in my car) but I doubt he'll stay long. He may even be in and out before I get home so we shall see. I have a lot of work to do on a different scarf so it may just be more Midsomer Murders and beer and that would be fine.

I'm so, so boring, aren't I? Something I'm greatly looking forward to is watching an episode of Poirot, alone with my cat. But it just sounds like Heavan to me. That and reading but I'm between books at the moment.

Happy 2016! I hope this year is delightful for everyone (save for terrorists and abusers, etc).